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Control Engineering
"Piloting" Natural Gas Pipeline

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Data is only as valuable as it is useful. Make your data useful in your planning and reporting process with dBeHold, an integrated application of Palm OS® and Windows®. Seamlessly synchronize your important field data with your database and make more informed decisions about the conditions of your equipment and processes.

Learn how dBeHold helped reduce data collection costs and increase safety margins on Pacific Gas and Electric's natural gas pipeline in this Feature Article from Control Engineering magazine —
"Piloting" Natural Gas Pipeline

dBeHold combines Windows based database synchronization and Palm OS based data collection in one powerful tool to provide you with the ultimate in electronic field data collection.

The screen is uncrowded to facilitate both fast and accurate entries. You can save up to 30-day data histories before the need to delete or upload. No more worry about out-of-range entries from human error or meter malfunction. Our open system allows almost unlimited customization of the operator interface and data handling process.

One Touch Synchronization
Built in synchronization utility performs at the touch of a button to eliminate data entry and transcription errors, giving you immediate access to your data. Synchronize your data immediately with the wireless handheld option.

Automated Data Entry
Running on the rugged Symbol handheld computer, dBeHold automatically collects data via an integrated bar code scanner, even in dark or dimly lit locations.

Use of the Palm OS in an industrially hardened PDA with built-in bar code reader, provides a low-cost, easy-to-use tool for automating manual data collection.

Features include:

  Fully "open" system using standard, off-the-shelf technologies

  Integrated bar code reader

  Highly configurable data fields

  Interface with existing databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Access

  Wireless option

  Easily adapted to meet your needs

  Application services available to customize to your special requirements

  When you read an instrument or inspect an asset dBeHold will:

  • Allow only entries in the proper ranges
  • Display appropriate engineering units
  • Display historical data entries
  • Determine alarm limits
  • Allow inspector's notes
  • Allow manual request for additional service
Part Numbers
dBH-PKG dBeHold Handheld Data Acquisition Package includes Symbol Palm OS Handheld Scanner rated for Class I, Div. II hazardous locations, cradle, holster, spare battery. Includes dBEdit AdminiStation and dBeHold v1.4 handheld license software on CD-ROM. One year upgrade and phone support.
dBH-ADMIN dBeHold v1.4 dBEdit AdminiStation License - CD ROM
dBH-SPT-1800 Symbol SPT 1800 with integrated bar code scanner, Palm OS (8MB RAM/4MB ROM) rated for Class I, Div. II hazardous locations, includes dBeHold handheld software license.
dBH-CD dBeHold v1.4 Software License for Handheld - CD ROM


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