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Control Engineering
Kinder, Gentler HMI
Learn how ClearView helped the US Navy simplify support and reduce costs at their sanitation facility. [ pdf ]

ClearViewSCADA is a full-featured Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) software package. It provides process monitoring, visualization and control, data collection, historical and real-time trending, alarming, data archiving & reporting, enhanced security, and much more….

You no longer have to decide between HMI or SCADA.
Utilities across North America are using ClearViewSCADA to reliably manage the volumes of data at their substations. Automation engineers are demanding ease-of-use and economy in a SCADA package. There is nothing like it on the market today.

ClearView lives up to its name!
No other HMI/SCADA system on the market today offers all these features for one low price:

ClearView-SCADA  Scalability & Client/Server Topology
CVServer lets the user add unlimited tags and alarms to any existing system. There is no practical limit to the number of IEDs, clients, or OPC servers with CVServer.

CVEnterprise is the easy way to expand your system with additional substations. You can add CVServer applications for inter-substation communication.

ClearView-SCADA  Communication
Using guidelines from the OPC Foundation, CVServer can communicate with just about any IED or electronic device found in substations today. CVLogic serves as a protocol translator to integrate IEDs of different manufacturers.

ClearView-SCADA   Security
All ClearView products are secured via unlimited custom levels of logins and passwords. ClearView is the only SCADA package that fully complies with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and NERC.

ClearView-SCADA  Reliability
CVServer is capable of fully redundant operation with automatic fail-over simply by checking a box on the configuration page. This includes our historical database, CVHistorian. Since all ClearView applications can reside anywhere on the network (i.e. the server could be on one machine, the OPC server on another, the historian database on another, the client on another, etc.) the total system has superior reliability.

ClearView-SCADA   Functionality
The ease with which ClearView can be maintained is due in large part to its full suite of features.

All CV applications can be modified without taking the server or client off line. Run-Time Project Modification includes adding/deleting tags and alarms, modifying/adding screens, modifying scripts, and much, much more. Other notable functions include full ODBC Compliance, full ActiveX Compliance, Standard Scripting Language (Client), Server Scripting, Wizard Scripting, and Standard Reporting Tools (Reports & Trends)

ClearView-SCADA  Economy
Here’s the icing on the cake: A complete ClearView system (1 client and 1 server) costs less than $5,000. You pay no additional licensing fees for a development application. It all comes on a single CD ready to install on your computer. Unlimited tags—Unlimited functionality!

Download an evaluation copy or call for a free demo CD today!

Software Overview
Interpreting critical data from today's complex manufacturing and production processes has a significant impact on the success or failure of your entire business. Having a "ClearView" of your process data is the competitive advantage you need. You won't have to spend thousands on complex, unnecessary graphics programming or start from scratch with your own Visual Basic code. With ClearView, your view of the process isn't obscured by arcane HMI software. Creating visualizations of your process is drag-and-drop simple as you pull from a vast ActiveX library. Using visuals, alarms, trends and reports you can quickly and easily analyze ClearView's real-time window into your total enterprise. What used to take hours now takes minutes.

Developed by Control Engineers for Control Engineers
Today’s industrial automation engineers are challenged to deliver cost effective, reliable, and flexible control solutions while avoiding dead-end, proprietary technologies that take a lot of money and time to fix and replace in the future. ClearView Human Machine Interface (HMI) software was developed by control engineers to make sure nothing interferes with meeting this challenge.

ClearView software provides control engineers:

  Open access to industrial data stored in off-the-shelf, ODBC standard databases such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Oracle, reducing the time and effort needed for reporting and sharing information with other applications.

  Easy to use software reduces programming effort making implementations quick and straightforward. Screen changes can be made while the process remains running, increasing production and eliminating unnecessary downtime.

  Client - server architecture, a flexible, network platform for distributed automation solutions allowing remote access while securing critical data and controls. Individual component applications, whether client, server, database or data server can be easily moved to accommodate changing requirements. Applications are installed on specially configured computers for scalability. Redundancy can be implemented to increase system availability.

  Economical and simple licensing to meet customer budgets without surprising development or increased tag count license fees. One low price includes development, runtime, and unlimited tag count licenses.

  Complete control software package includes reporting, trending, alarm e-email paging, statistical process control, and database backup utilities for implementing total automation solutions. A complete package simplifies ordering, budgeting and ensures you have all the tools necessary to deliver a complete solution.

  Standards based software allows communication with virtually any brand of embedded controller and programmable logic controller (PLC) with OPC drivers. ActiveX ensures easy integration with other applications.

  Security features provide network-wide, individualized access and control down to the specific object level for fine balance between system security and access.

Part Number
CV-SC5.0-01-000F ClearView v5.0 Client/Server Unlimited I/O license. 90 days support
CV-SC5.0-01-00FS ClearView v5.0 One Year Support (updates, new modules, on-line and phone support for Client/Server license
CV-0S5.0-01-0SV1 ClearView v5.0 Additional Server
CV-0C5.0-01-0CL1 ClearView v5.0 Additional Client
CV-S05.0-01-OPCx OPC Server for communications with a wide variety of PLCs and Control Networks


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