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We are a 25-year old company that has excelled in custom and private development for all forms of consumer level ecommerce software for the web. In the course of our growth our expertise has perfected itself in project management delivery systems and human resource control, known for our "hands-on" management & implementation style.

Information Provider Technolgies began its commercial website building software operations in 1994 for Health and Vitamin Express, then the only vitamin company on AOL. In 1995 its first Suite of programs were selected by America On Line to become their first 3rd party (commercial) software package to be made available by AOL to all its Marketing Partners. In those days, that part of AOL management which provided websites and webstores were called "information providers." Hence after our initial AOL success we registered infoprovider.com with the InterNIC in January 1995. Currently we own 12+ international domain extensions of the same name.

The years of 2004-6 has seen the adaptation of the Provider eCommerce engine into the custom PHP/mySQL built Baseline Health Technologies which uses the world-famous nutritional recipes of Jon Barron.The site has since been grossing over 7 figures per year. Its features include a fully client-programmable Self-Creating Website for Specials, which automatically integrate with its backend General Ledger, invoicing, accounting, Product Inventory, and Customer History databases. An international CPA has stated its extensive Financial Reports module alone rivals that of AccPac.

In 2007 Provider Plus Web was re-compiled with the latest version of Visual Foxpro 9, after modifying and converting the program to become a private company's 100,000+ record article database search & reporting application on 100 years of the Music Industry.

Barry Ira Geller is the Founder and President of Information Provider Technologies. He is the creator and developer of the Provider Plus Web suite of e-commerce software and the company's Director of Project Management. His direct programming experience includes creating software for the full range of vendor needs from CGI shopping cart scripting to order fulfillment.

His strong background in database conversion comes from 30 years of custom database development, management and system design for a range of small and large companies, from private foundation resource promotional management software in Singapore (1994) and programming the first group telemarketing software and new customer database conversions systems used by Nextel and ARCO in early 1995.

Geller's extensive background in DOS programming and DOS-based operating systems, dBase, Clipper 52e, Foxpro 2.6, Visual Foxpro as well as in planning, installing and troubleshooting Novell networks -- clearly shows he's a fossil, but very trustworthy should you hire him. During 1997 and 2006 Geller planned, custom developed, and supervised several database intensive website projects utilizing mySQL, php, sql7, and oracle 8i, including search engine based membership, online gaming, lotto sites, and the Oracle database conversion of the 2nd largest children's site on the net.

Along with project management, Geller has also excelled in the fields of technological development. Between 2000-2003 Geller was the inventor and managing developer of a CD-based thin-client Java eCommerce Virtual Server Operating System Technology, and an Internet Banking Credit Card and Customer Identity Verification System on a chip.

Barry Geller's patents for both thin client e-commerce server technology and banking encryption systems were created in 2001 and sold to Extreming Technologies 2003. Since 2008 21 companies have cited Geller's patents as "Prior Art" or the basis for newer patents, including AT&T Intellectual Property, Yahoo, Inc., Citrix, Jumptap, Fujitsu, and Visa International Service Association.

In the course of the Suite's development, author Barry Ira Geller built large merchant commerce sites for two strategic vendors, Health and Vitamin Express, the leading online health outlet of Compuserve and Prodigy, to become AOL's first Vitamin store, and Copeland's Sports SuperStore, a high-end 50-store sports chain in the Western United States, to become AOL's first Sports products Store. To make AOL's Thanksgiving deadline, Geller distributed his Software Suite and personally directed nearly 40 national sports company's customer support (including Nike),IP Departments and product database conversions so that Copeland Sports SuperStore on AOL opened on time.During this period of Internet History, much HTML coding was done by hand.

The Suite was the first software package to completely automate the complex creation and backend maintenance of several large AOL stores, in the days when AOL was a closed system -- and which helped launch its Internet presence. In 1997, the Company enjoyed being called by AOL Management as an e-commerce consultant to different AOL Merchants, including American Express.

In 1998 the first Windows-based version of the Suite was used to convert a 3,000 product AOL store into 25,000 product shoppable internet pages within 2 days (that's on a slow 486 to you young 'uns <grin>).

Currently our main internet client is the County of Northern New Mexico, Rio Arriba, of which we are its current Webmaster and Developer. www.rachc.org

During 2010 and 2018 IPT has partnered with the Northern New Mexico County, Rio Arriba Community Health Council, devloping an interactive Portal for 50 different Health organizations, schools, and non-profits. As its very own online health community. We developed special group software which increased their grant-writing productivity 30%, and helped to develop their HIPPA protected Results-geared Intergrative Agency operations. See Rio Arriba's Community Health website or view it in our client area.

Our current experience is determining the goals and strategies of a client company and translating that into an effectively designed e-commerce customer experience, either from modifications as needed to our flagship software or starting from scratch, to maximize Internet sales and profits.We also like to build Large Inter-Community Portal software!

In 1998 the Suite was customized to make a web (Internet) version of a bookstore's complex cataloging system, turning out an easily searchable 100,000 product e-commerce website (www.research-assistance.com)

Using experience gained from custom development completed for two large AOL Merchant vendors and two large Internet stores, the Company's core product incorporated high-end business management features for running large internet stores as part of its standard offering. It gave client companies the means to have multiple sites running in AOL, CompuServe and their own Internet Web site from the same code base.

Considered in 1999 by the Web Architect of Earthlink Networks to be one of the most "merchant customized" commercial e-commerce packages written for the Internet, InfoProvider Suite has always included custom ISP installation as part of its package.

The Company has built many small to very large e-commerce stores both on America Online and the Web, all of which have been created using Provider Plus Web, modified according to a client company's products and sales goals. The size of its stores has ranged from 5 products to 150,000 products.

To demonstrate the scalability of IPT core technology in 1999 the Company used the Provider Plus Web database engine and client side software to develop Online dictionaries and glossaries, Multi-user cross merchant online search programs, an Online Mall, and an online community site with a locater service-demographics engine, all versions of Provider Plus Web.

During 2000, E&A, Inc. used the Suite to build a premium educational software site (www.eno.com) and IPT managed and produced the design and programming development of the International Lotto gaming site, www.imustlotto.com -- which grew to be among the top 50 visited sites on the Internet during that year. IPT employed its programming and design executives to manage about 30 company employees in the course of a year's work.

Also in 2000, IPT managed the Oracle database language conversion of www.neopets.com, which afterwards grew from its limited 400,000 members to adequately and successfully handle over 1,000,000 children visitors every day -- to become the second most popular kids' site on the Internet today.

The years 2003-2004 saw two completely designed and built webstores, a boutique occult bookstore and a Sapphire Gems store, each with up to 10,000 products, completely build and generate themselves using Provider Plus Web. Simply Sapphires' version was specially modified to import spreadsheets of thousands of gems from around the world and automatically create shoppable webpages therefrom. Serpents Occult Books rose to become one of the most sought after private bookstores in the world until the Florida floods destroyed its warehouse. Simply Sapphires continues its operations today.

In 2005 we designed a spectacular logo and built an informational membership website for the premier Northern California engineering firm of DST Controls, specifically for their ClearControls Technologies. The site was designed and completed in record time and made available for a pre-scheduled Merchant Show. Henceforth ClearControls was recognized as state-of-the-art software for the Oil and Gas data-acquisition Industry. DST has done extensive hardware construction and software design for the Microsoft and Fuji Companies. A year after our intense website work the Company was sold to an international engineering firm. Regrettably, their new website is quite inferior (in our humble opinion) to what we originally created.

Design work was done in 1999 and new programming was accomplished in 2005 for Executive Software's Diskeeper Corporation, as it later re-consolidated and revised itself under its current new name and website. Along with project management, Geller has also excelled in the fields of technological development. Between 2000-2003 Geller was the inventor and managing developer of a CD-based thin-client Java eCommerce Virtual Server Operating System Technology, and an Internet Banking Credit Card and Customer Identity Verification System on a chip.

Barry Geller's patents for both thin client e-commerce server technology and banking encryption systems were created in 2001 and sold to Extreming Technologies 2003. Since 2008 21 companies have cited Geller's patents as "Prior Art" or the basis for newer patents, including AT&T Intellectual Property, Yahoo, Inc., Citrix, Jumptap, Fujitsu, and Visa International Service Association.

The full patents can be viewed Here and Here

U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 10/828,349
The present invention relates, systems, methods and articles for Electronic Commerce and Direct Marketing and, in particular embodiments to providing improved E-Commerce and Direct Marketing through the use of a Virtual Streaming Multimedia Server (VSMS). ABSTRACT
Buying items through electronic commerce via the Internet has achieved widespread popularity. Items can typically be purchased over the Internet with, considerably less effort than purchasing them using conventional means. Electronic commerce is far from ideal though in that delays may be encountered in the transferring of data that is necessary to facilitate the electronics buying experience. More.....

By Barry Ira Geller U.S. Patent Application # 10/670128

The present invention relates to methods and articles for providing payment for E-commerce transactions, and, in particular embodiments, to methods and articles for providing payment for Ecommerce transactions in a more secure and private manner.
An intelligent financial card system, process and article that allows more secure E-commerce transactions with Internet merchants by avoiding the transfer of financial card information to the merchants, while at the same time advantageously employing portions of infrastructure already used in conventional financial card E-commerce transactions. The intelligent financial card verifies itself and acts as its own transaction authorization agent during an E-commerce transaction.......

Additionally, full patents can be viewed at www.uspto.gov, searching for Patents, PAIR, Public Searches, and using the application numbers above.

Since 2009 Mr. Geller has been involved in the building ofCommunity-based portal websites, the most recent of which is www.rachc.org for the Rio Arriba Community Health Council of Northern New Mexico. See our clients page.

Max Bardetti is chief of Programming & Development.  After receiving his degree in Mathematics and Computer Science in 1993, Max has become a highly skilled C/C++, Java, Java Applets, XML, and Delphi engineer. He has a strong working backbone in Win32 operating systems Win98/ME/NT/2000 as well as Internet Server OS like Apache, Linux, FreeBSD and SGI Irix.. With a strong business development engineering history, his contracts have taken him from the Italian Territorial Army Bureau of Intelligence, where he worked on Human Resources analysis, to London, England, where he worked as an R& D engineer on Art Classics Digital Catalogs and Multimedia CD-ROM catalogs for fine art dealers. In England he also he built Servo-Motor driven Cartesian robots used to lay glue on replica frames which were fully automated and controlled by PCs running windows as well as Windows 95 applications to help medical doctors make reservations and insurance eligibility checks through voice mail response systems. These and other projects made him additionally specialize in x86 Assembler, Fortran, Access 2.0 with embedded Visual Basic and SQL, Paradox Database and TAPI technologies. Since 1997, Max has been employed as the Senior Software Engineer of ANN Automation Systems, where he has touched on all aspects of software development devoted to the television news industry, including a remote controlled 3D graphics generator and a successfully prototype of a newsroom system with a Java front end, an SQL server back end while allowing all transactions to be performed through a web server. His hobbies include developing 3D real-time graphics, Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. Max was Lead Developer and Senior Engineer for eXtreming Inc's programming team and developed the prototype of Geller's Patent Pending Virtual Streaming MultiMedia Server Operating System. After serving for two years as the Vice President of Technology for the satellite transmission system company, AccessIT, Max is now a senior manager and programmer of Browser Encryption for the Microsoft Corporation.

Mathew Wright is our Web Scientist & Director of Programming Development. Mathew Wright brings to the Company the youthful power, plans, purpose, and ultimate genius resources to compliment the Provider Plus Web and entire Infoprovider Suite software package with the creation of a full range of new PHP3, PHP4, C++, XML, Javascript, VBScript, COM, Flash, Lingo, and much Server compliant e-Commerce tools for both the NT and Linux platforms, which will enhance the Company’s ability to increase its market share of high-end and multi-platform operating systems. He is currently the Lead Programmer and was the Senior Programming Manager for the Company's client, www.imustlotto.com and www.imustplay.com, designing and building online lotto and gaming programming. In the past few years Matthew has become a top PHP and Java programmer, with his own company WebSTudiosWest. Recently he completed an important sound production website for Hollywood sound studio JuniperPost using the lastest in Flash Video Streaming technologies.

Matthew Wright was the lead programmer and co-developer for the Baseline Nutritionals project, and did much web development for The Diskeeper Corporation.

John is a master Oracle Systems Designer. He is an administrator and developer, with a background as an Oracle DBA on Sun/Solaris , Linux and NT/2000 Systems. An Oracle Web Designer and Programmer and consultant with over fourteen years recent experience in Oracle, breakfast to him consists of Accounting Systems, PC Interfaces, Systems Administration, Remote Data Control, Bar Coding, Financial and Distribution Applications. His resume also includes training DBA's in Oracle Administration,  Novell Networks, and IBM LAN server networks. In his spare time he dotes as aVisual Basic systems designer and programmer - Visual Basic and Access on Windows systems. Expert in data communications and voice systems. John is also well versed in Windows NT environment. oracle 5.0/6.0/7.0 /8.3 sql*forms reports, c, cobol, fortran prime-info, pick data-basic, microsoft quick-basic, visual basic(3-6), html tame, active server pages, oracle 8i rev. 2, java, java-script, jsp.

John Woodsmall was IPT's Project Manager for the Neopets Company in August 2000 where the Company contracted to convert Neopets.com from mysql to an Oracle 8.1.5 database on a Solaris 450 system. Neopets has become the 11th largest web site in the world and the largest visited children's site with over 30 million members and 50 million page views per day. With Geller, he was responsible for extensive design and rebuilding of the system, which became the backbone for the successful growth of neopets.com from 400,000 to millions of active daily members.

Ms. Matilda Somerfield is Senior Design Technician and Chief of Design since 2010. *Directed all aspects of product development, implementation and execution *Work to specification- domestic and import *Tech Packs- creation and revision *Responsible for Prototype review and approval *Accustomed to working with tight deadlines and quick changes *Establish product flow procedure and implement priorities *Extensive knowledge of Production Procedure *Supervised Design/Production Departments involving 5 to 100+ personnel *Experienced with Computer Pattern, Grading and Markers *Excel, Adobe, Management Programs *Management Training and Experience, Organizational Management, Economics, Psychology

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