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Northern New Mexico County of Rio Arriba, Community Health Council.

I have been working with the visionary Lauren Reichelt, Director of Health Services for Rio Arriba, pouring out my expertise to accomplish her goals. It is a Portal for all the members of the Community which allows people and Service Groups to talk to each other and find the right community resources to benefit everyone's life. This includes Educational, Farming, Employment, Drug Free programs, Teen Programs, and all forms of Health-related resources including Hospitals and local Clinics. A most beneficial project!



Indoor Swapmeet and Farmers Market of 20+ Vendors, in cordination with Sunland-Tujunga.com


Sunland-Tujunga.com - an online classifieds & social networking community for a real local community of 23,000 people. With nearly 200 search categories, residents discover who is here and can learn about local events with an integrated community calendar.


Classy Urban Wear for White Trash. Created in 4 days just in time for their Country Watermelon Festival & Trade Show, in cordination with www.Sunland-Tujunga.com
Simply Sapphires!!
 Simply Sapphires, LLC
1000's of the greatest gems availalable on the Net today
Autobiography & Fan Site - The Hollywood family of Lucas (Mannix, StarTrek), Curtiz (Casablanca), and Meredyth (Ben Hur)
Software Shelf
Baseline Nutritionals
Software Shelf
20,000 Original Software Products
Baseline Nutritionals
Fully Programmed Self-Creating Website with administation for monthly Specials, Accounting, Inventory control, Customer Sales &History & ACPAC type Reports, more.
Full Blast Multiple Lotto games with Mega Advertising and Viral Marketing Programming (Six months work - They became #32 on Internet then suffered from expanded head diarrhea and flushed itself into the C++ !) Invented over 30 different Flash Games integrated with Viral Marketing and Sister Sites - see Lotto story on the left
Design and Programming - 2005

Serpents Occult Books
5,000+ Specialty & Rare Books

(OMG, stock was destroyed by Florida Storms)

NeuralHerbs - WarpSpeed
Natural Vitality Enhancers

(sold to www.JonBarron.org)
Health and Vitamin ExpressHealth and Vitamin Express
Research Assistance

Health and Vitamin Express - expanded to 30,000 Products in a day on AOL in 1996 St. Alban's Liberal Catholic Church
Jack Kirby Fine Art
15 Photographic Art Prints
Pueblo Internet
Latin American Community Portal (en inglais y espanol)
Living Mall
Multiple Merchants Mall
Link Machine
13,000 Comics and Toys

Used Provider Plus to become an Extensive Smartforce Reseller site

What Some of Our Clients have had to Say About us over the years:

Simply Astounding. Your work has brought new life to many of our ideas -- and created a whole new level of interpretation of our goals. Not to mention many potential sources of additional income due to strategies you have brought to the table. Withouty your company's work, insight, and management, the site of our dreams would never have happened.

May, 2009 - S. K., Co-Founder and Marketing Director, FTFAmerica.com

(About ClearControls:)"Incredible Work! We have gotten many qualified leads as a result. The Logo and Website is fast and crisp."

(About Baseline Nutritionals Backend and Front end programming:) "Now that's one helluva $400,000 site for only $125,000! "

October,  2005 - William Southard, PhD
Owner,   DST Controls, ClearControls Engineering

"Everything is like clockwork. I get the latest inventory of 3000 emeralds and rubies downloaded into my excel spreadsheet and Provider imports the lot instantly. An hour later I have 3000 new and sorted pages on my website, ready to sell & completely searchable. I don't remember when business has been better, thanks to your programming."

September 7,  2004 - John Tolliver
Owner,   Simply Sapphires, LLC

" Just did another update to the inventory last night...if I have never mentioned it before, I will do it now...thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful software that makes doing this so easy! "

April 22, 2003 - Sarah Elizabeth
Store Manager,   Serpents Occult Bookstore

"I can't believe I've rebuilt my entire site in such a short time. I'm able to generate hundreds of web pages every day. I simply don't know what I'd do without this program right now."

March 3, 2003 - John Tolliver
Owner,   Simply Sapphires, LLC

"We get compliments on the website almost daily, at least several a week, I would forward all of them to you, but might fill up your mailbox :o) Quite a few customers find books there, print out their selections and then phone in orders without going all the way through the shopping cart itself, so we actually get about twice as many orders based on the site then what comes through by email. VERY Cool !!!!"

June 15, 2002 - Steve Savedow  
Owner,  Serpents Occult Books

"An excellent product which does a great job. Definately based upon extremely scalable technology."

MAW, Web Architect, 1999
Earthlink Networks, Inc.

Experimental Technology Challenge: Provider Plus Web was used to convert a scientist's personal 10,000 + defintion Technical Glossary into a completely searchable "InfoBase," serving up words instead of products using the same page generator and shopping cart ~ 06/2000

"The program is simple, direct, well thought out, and easy to get around.You have a sensibility about how you approach programming -- how you put the concepts together with the programming which makes things work very smoothly. Our new seasonal catalog came up and after making my changes to the database I just regenerated our whole company site (25,000 records) and had everything up and running within a day! I'm ecstatic! I do love being able to design my own Web Page Templates."

Michael Sipper -- MIS Director and General Manager
Research Assistance Reports, Inc. 1997

"I am a first time pc user and haven't done data entry before now. The Provider Plus allowed me to enter in 1000 toys in 100 records in a few days time. When I finish a record I hit a few keys and a shopping style web page with my products and description gets created from nowhere. What I really like most is as soon as it gets sent up to the site someone is able to buy something right away. And all the shipping is taken care of, too. I'm amazed I'm doing this so easily."

David Belmont - Owner, 1998
Graphitti Pop Culture and ZowiePop Comics & Toys (13,000 products)

"Your product does everything -- everything is completely integrated and does all the things we need! Part of the package is the availability for customization... which you do quite well! We were able to accomplish possibly two months worth of work in a few weeks."

Dave Miller - Technical Director and Database Manager - Online Services, 1997
Sports Superstore Online
(AOL keyword: Sports Super)

"I've experienced very little time difference in handling 100 or 300 products. Where it used to take a full day, it now takes me an average of 1 hour to put 100 products on-line. This includes creating a quick query for the kind of records I'm looking for, then 'tagging' the specific products I want, creating the scripts in a single file, sending it up to AOL with NO errors, and verifying the products look right on line. I then use Provider Plus AOL to create a second script to modify all the pages I just sent to insert hundreds of links to all the categories in our store and I'm done."

Morri C. - Marketing Director
Health and Vitamin Express - 1996
(AOL keyword: Health exp) (www.hve.com)


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