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Information Provider Technologies specializes in professional software database management, and extensive Project Management to accomplish your goals.

Don't have the time? Hire us to do it for you! We can design, build or even rebuild your entire (see our partial client list) website for you, or provide customized programming to get all your product data online for your existing site. No matter the source, Excel, Word, text, Access, Quickbooks, even from Unix or a Mac, we specialize in converting your data at a reasonable price to make it feasibly searchable and shoppable online. Fast. So we created Provider Plus Web e-Commerce Storebuilder to open the door.It is a full off-line database management system integrated with online shopping. It has the ability to import your inventory from all these sources and create Product Category schemes and endless shoppable webpages to your heart's content. Now includes our new Paypal Interface! Buy it today... Tomorrow people can be shopping from your store.

What is a Shopping Cart, really?

Many people believe that the term Shopping Cart is a catch-all for everything they need to create an online store. Not so fast...

We can say it is the functions, invisible to your customers, which monitor and handle their purchasing activities...but it is also the actual pages of the web store itself which have to be integrated seamlessly with the shopping cart system. AND professionally designed to invite your customers to buy your products...

Don't Forget: First, operating your web store has to accommodate the real needs of your business; it has to be able to operate --for you-- the way you normally do business! Second, for your customers it has to act just like walking into a physical store. (Can you imagine yourself as a customer entering a store and then being prevented from easily seeing or finding anything you are looking for or being prevented from paying for something once you have selected it? You get the idea.)

If both of the above does not occur your profits will be minimized.

  • That means standardized software management of your product data that gives you control over How your products are displayed on the Web.
  • That means having software with ability to modify everything ACCORDING TO THE WAY YOU DO BUSINESS NOW.
  • That means speed and precision to get your whole store up fast.
  • That means the ability to make swift product changes as they may occur in the normal course of doing business...and get those changes up, fast, at little or no extra cost.

All This We Do.

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